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About Me

my name is ed marcelino

i’m fresh out of college and broke. based out of san diego, california! i picked up my first SLR camera about a couple weeks into june 2008 in my high school photography class. and i learned pretty much how to take photos by myself from there on out. i have always been fascinated by photography but this class just opened up the door. i then got my hands on my very own DSLR camera and i fell in love with it.
my main focus is model photography, although my range is from portraits to engagements, weddings on the other hand is a whole different ballpark for me. i prefer not to do them because i don’t have the proper experience nor equipment. anyways, i still have much to learn and i hope to have a shoot with you!


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Ed Marcelino Photography

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Engagements | Family | Couples | Maternity | Modeling | Children

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Ed Marcelino Photography

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(803) 339-9884 (text only please)

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Jacqueline Aquino (limited availability: sunday/monday only)